Becoming a member of the Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyors has its perks. Members:

  • Receive our award-winning magazine Gem State Surveyor several times a year
  • Qualify for significant discounts on conference registration and training fees
  • Are kept up-to-date on significant events and developments in the survey community through regular emails
  • Speak as one voice to our elected officials, local, state and federal, to address issues affecting our profession. You can attend our annual Legislative Reception where you mingle with state elected officials and you will receive regular legislative updates during the legislative session
  • Support the efforts of the society to advance the science of land surveying;
  • Contribute to the education of the public in the use of surveys, maps and records
  • Encourage and support students (see our Scholarship page) who are the future of our profession
  • Members of the Society are invited to attend quarterly board meetings and to participate locally at the Regional Section level. We encourage our members to become active in many of the programs that we sponsor from Trig-Star to Survey USA.

Annual membership runs for the calendar year.




Honoring the Leaders of our Profession

One of the objectives of the ISPLS is to “honor the leaders in the science of surveying.” We do this by offering annual awards for Surveyor of the Year; Distinguished Service Award; Friend of Society and Special Recognition.

Criteria for Nomination and Selection of Honorees
Award for distinguished service to the land surveying profession

(a) A nomination for the Distinguished Service to the Land Surveying Profession Award shall be presented to the Board prior to the December meeting of the Board.

(b) A record and biographical sketch in writing shall accompany the nomination.

(c) The Board shall not take action on such nominations prior to the December meeting.

(d) The Distinguished Service Award shall be awarded only when the Board feels that such award is justified.

(e) The following minimum requirements must be met to qualify for the Distinguished Service Award:

  • Be a Registered Land Surveyor.
  • Be a member of the Idaho Society of Land Surveyors.
  • Have been in practice as an RLS for at least ten (10) years.
  • Have a history for maintaining a high degree of competence.
  • Have a history and reputation for maintaining a high degree of integrity.
  • Have made substantial contributions to the advancement of the profession.
  • Have shared knowledge and information with fellow professionals.
  • Have assisted qualified and interested people in advancement within the profession.
  • Have performed a survey or a series of surveys which are challenging in one of the following ways:
    • In difficult topography.
    • Of unusual difficulty.
    • In the face of public or private opposition.
    • Various requirements may be waived for one of the following reasons: Lifelong service to the profession. Eminence of a regional or national level. Performance of an act or service bringing widespread public acclaim to the profession
Distinguished Service Nomination Form
Surveyor of the Year award

(a) Nomination for the Surveyor of the Year Award shall be presented to the Board prior to the November meeting of the Board.

(b) A record and biographical sketch in writing shall accompany the nomination. Said record shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

  • Membership in professional and technical Societys or societies.
  • Awards or Honors.
  • Membership, participation and service in the Idaho Society of Land Surveyors.
  • Public Service.

(c) The recipient of the Surveyor of the Year Award shall be selected from the nominees by the Board prior to the annual meeting.

Surveyor of the Year Nomination Form
Friend of the Society

The Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyors seeks to honor individuals whose works has consistently and significantly contributed to the profession of land surveying and/or the benefit of the society.

Nominations shall be submitted to the Board prior to the fall Board meeting.
The ISPLS Board of Directors will select the recipient prior to the annual meeting.

Friend of Society Nomination Form

Board of Directors

Jeremy Fielding

Eagle Land Surveying

Aaron Ballard

KM Engineering

Coy Chapman

Epoch Land Surveying

Steve Frisbie

T-O Engineers

Hagen Beckstead

GSS Editor
Foresight Surveying

Glenn Bennett

Civil Survey Consultants, Inc.

Robert Liimakka

State CST Coordinator
Idaho State University

Joe Jones

QBS Representative
Sawtooth Land Surveying

Tom Judge


Adam Thayer

Young Surveyor Rep

Stewart Ward

NSPS Representative
Dioptra Geomatics, Inc

Section Directors

John Elle

Eastern Section Director
A&E Engineering

Tyson Glahe

David Thompson Director
Glahe & Associates, Inc.

Chris Harmison

Magic Valley Section Director
EHM Engineers, Inc.

Jerry Hastings

SW Section Director
Ada County Development Services

Bruce Smith

Bigwood Director
Alpine Enterprises Inc.

Robert Stratton

Northern Section Director
Stratton Land Surveying


Liz Conner

Executive Director/Secretary

Jaclyn Brandt

Executive Director/Secretary

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