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2016 Conference

March 1-5, 2016, at the fabulous Coeur d' Alene Resort!

Registration OPEN January 10th- February 20th, 2016.


Featured Presenter Gary Kent

*Technician Programs * RTN Presentations * Annual Awards Banquet  * Vendors Onsite and Presenting * CST Test *



Registration CLOSED February 20, 2016. Thank you for another great year!

Sheets

PDF files of each presentation's sign-in sheet are available below.

Wednesday AM Track 1

Wednesday AM Track 2: Vendor Presentations

Wednesday PM Kent

Thursday AM Kent

Thursday PM Kent

Friday AM Track 1: Kent

Friday AM Track 2: Macomber

Friday AM Track 3: Tech Classes

Friday PM Track 1: Kent

Friday PM Track 2: RTN

Friday PM Track 3: Tech Classes

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