About Us


Surveyors of the past. Photo submitted by John Howe.

Land surveyors in Idaho were first organized as a subsidiary of Idaho Society of Professional Engineers. In 1974, the Land Surveyors of Idaho organized as separate entity. The group incorporated In 1976 as a non-profit entity called the Idaho Association of Land Surveyors. The name was changed in 1993 to Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyors.

Objectives of ISPLS stated in the Articles of Incorporation are to:

  • advance the science of land surveying, in furtherance of the public welfare
  • contribute to public education in the use of surveys, maps and records
  • encourage improvement of college curricula for the teaching of surveying
  • support publications that will represent the interests of surveying
  • cooperate with ACSM in all matters of mutual interest and concern
  • foster and maintain high standards of professional ethics and practice in land surveying
  • honor the leaders in the science of surveying

Surveyors at the Initial Point butte. Photo by Rayce Ruiz.

Today, the ISPLS is active in the surveying community of Idaho. Our quarterly publication keeps members apprised of activities and issues of interest to the profession. The annual conferences that we plan, organize and execute provide speakers and coursework that offers license holders the opportunity to gain all of their necessary Professional Development Hours in one place, as well as connecting with others in the profession. We host governors for the regional organization Western Federation of Land Surveyors, and the national organization National Society of Professional Surveyors to represent the state and to report back on larger issues. We are active in the legislature, working to pass bills that affect our profession.

Past President Tim Fox in the field.


The efforts of the society on behalf of students entering the field are represented by our fundraising for scholarhsips: in 2010, we awarded over $8,000.00 and provided for every student that applied. Our membership continues to grow and become involved in the society, with members working with students and teachers all over the state on Trigstar and in any capacity that they feel they can contribute. Members are encouraged to be active at the Chapter level and to experience their potential in leadership roles by running for office at the state level.

We are a strong community, committed to the ideals of our founders and to the honorable profession of land surveying.

A chronological list of ISPLS presidents since 1974 is available here.